Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pinterest and Other Projects

I've succumbed to all that is holy and is named Pinterest. I held out as long as I could, but then, I couldn't wait anymore. So for those of you who love timesucks and like to wish and dream and enact, Pinterest is for you. 

I've got a bunch of projects pinned and dreams of starting too, but this is the one that I've started.

My first attempt looked like this:

Its not exactly the same, and the crayons aren't there. I used spray adhesive on this one, because I wasn't wanting to spend the time hot gluing each crayon on, but I should've. The heat from the heat gun (you can use a blow dryer, but it'll take longer) unset the adhesive and crayons fell everywhere. I also tried to put down painters tape in the shape of a G, but the tape wouldn't adhere well to the canvas. The wax ended up seeping underneath the tape so it was lost cause. 

I ended up giving this one to my friend Tabitha to put in her art and music classroom. Supposedly, its pretty popular among the elementary friends...

I decided to give it another go. This is try #2:

Hot Glue and Masking Tape FTW!

I had much more success the second time around. I used hot glue to painstakingly glue each one on. The crayons aren't exactly lined up, but it had the desired effect. Masking tape was also much better than the painters tape. You have to make sure that the edges are completely sealed down before you start... otherwise some of the wax does bleed through. Once I got the wax melted and ran down enough for my liking, I peeled the masking tape off, and voila! I had a white G. I decided to paint mine red... and I am still on the fence about adding a black border to make it pop just a bit more.

Peace and love,
Jessica G.

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