Monday, February 6, 2012

Downward facing dog...

I've been to three yoga classes (1 a week for 3 weeks) and I am getting hooked. The words out of my mouth, after I spent all day climbing up and down the stairs tackling our anti-hoarder project was... "I so need yoga tomorrow..." So yep, I am pretty much addicted.

Summer, our instructor (teacher, professor, awesome goddess of stretchy...), is pretty amazing. The classes are small, and she provides lots of alternatives and modifications for those of us who can't quite do things fully.AND she basically tailors the classes to the needs of the students. Last week, two of our teachers ran a half marathon and so the next yoga day was spent working on stretching out hamstrings and calf muscles. Today, someone requested hamstrings and I mentioned my lower back/gluteus medius/gluteus maximus. The class was HEAVENLY. My lower back feels much better now. And I always feel so relaxed and relieved once I leave.

Its amazing what spending an hour and a half on YOU can do. I always leave in a better place physically and mentally... until I get out of my car. Then I hobble into the house, bogart the heating pad and pop a few advil. Fortunately, that combo gets me better in less than an hour.

So for tonight, I 'm going to bed, and little more flexible and a lot less stressed out.



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  1. I'm so glad you are starting to develop and love your yoga practice! I love it as well--I got certified as a teacher in November! Enjoy and be amazed at your growth--mentally, physically, spiritually, & emotionally!