Monday, July 30, 2012

a bit of hypochondria

I love google.And webmd, but mostly google

Especially when I am sick, or don't feel good, or feel like something is wierd. Or when I have insomnia.

And lately, I've had a lot of insomnia, thanks to my anxiety.

The other night I was on Webmd symptom checker because my stomach was upset. According to Webmd, I have lactose intolerance, celiac's disease, and gastroenteritis not to forget cramps.

Search results from google concluded that I had gastroenteritis, food poisoning, and a tape worm.

I think the chinese food was just to much for my stomach since we don't eat out anymore, but I was desperately indulging my cramps. But what do I know, I only got my medical degree from Google University.

I'm only qualified to treat myself, my dog, and my very reluctant husband.

But I do it, with style :)

--Jessica G.

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