Thursday, July 5, 2012

Because I may be a little crazy...

I like kids. In fact I love kids. Its no hidden secret that I yearn to be a mother, to spend my days wrangling multitudes of kids in a classroom and then come home to multitudes of kids in my house... in other words, I want a large family. 

I also have these super awesome god sons  nephews (Btw, I am Aunt Jessica and Michael is affectionately Uncle Michael), and because I wanted to affirm to my self that I might be a good parent spend some time with them, they came to Austin for a few days. 

We've been busy.

We spent two hours at the 4th level of hell Austin Children's Museum. We had a sweaty good time. (Can these places never set their air conditioner low enough???)

Playing Mary Had A Little Lamb on a Pipe Organ thingy

Its the village people!
We survived the museum, and after parking under the street (which blew B's mind!) we returned home to a fun filled lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, naptime, and Mario Kart Wii.

And then, (after cleaning up little boy pee off the bathroom floor) we made personal pizzas, complete with home made crusts! 

Making pizza is so much fun. The table enjoyed the cheese it got for dinner. 

They didn't quite enjoy the broccoli that accompanied the meal. There was far too much of it on my floor :)

We spent a lazy 4th of July. We had all sorts of ambitions about going to festivals and fairs, and being those cool involved people who don't sweat in 100 degree heat. Instead, we stayed home, and they played movie theater. T kept kicking B out of the theater, to which "But I work here too! You can't throw me out!" was all I heard for about 45 minutes.

They did enjoy watching Toy Story 3 though!

America's birthday wasn't a complete wash. After a scrumptious dinner of chicken, mashed tators, and steamed veggies (that got spit out in a napkin) we cleaned up to go watch fireworks. 

As a small side note, during B's bath (sorry ducks!) he kept telling me he was hungry and he needed chips. The "you can have the veggies you left on your plate" got a quick reply of "I'm not that hungry!"

We headed to Downtown Austin to watch the fireworks, and aspired to hear the symphony play. However, because somebody upstairs was watching out and thinking "is she completely nuts wanting to drag a 5 year old out past bed time to listen to music he couldn't care about and watch a small part of the country-made in China get blown up?"  We headed downtown a little later than planned. However, after braving crazy traffic, parking 8 blocks away, walking a ton, and enjoying a late night snack of blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and goldfish, we saw fireworks.

Okay, so maybe I got suckered into buying really expensive glow stick necklaces. But it was better than ice cream from the ice cream truck that made a point to sit right in front of the grassy area were we where.

One thing I learned... kids are heavy. and that a very sleepy 5 year old will hold on to dear life as you carry him 8 blocks uphill on your back. Which means at some point you will feel like your face is turning blue. 

All in all we managed our trip, and didn't really have to fight with traffic, since we parked a million miles away (but it was free!)

They were supposed to be going home today (the 5th) but we had all sorts of crazy ambitions about going to the Austin Zoo/Animal Sanctuary, but alas we slept later than intended and somebody had to have an earlier nap due to crankiness.

We hung around the house, watched a bunch of movies (when something's strange in the neighbor in the neighborhood... who ya gonna call?), played a ton of Wii, went grocery shopping for the staples (i.e. Milk), and had glow in the dark swordfights/tag games. Michael grilled us some wonderful hotdogs and beer burgers (adults only!!!). 

I have found some stuff out:
  • Neither T nor B likes squash. 
  • Grilled cheese with tomato soup is a good meal for summer too.
  • No matter how thirsty T or B is, if you offer water instead of the juice they really want, they aren't thirsty anymore. 
  • Glow sticks and fingers are appropriate for picking the boogers out of noses... and for eating them (ugh...)
  • And yes, it is exhausting. All of the time.  
  •  and I really have a codependent relationship with sugar free redbull. It gives me wings.

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