Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Call Noah... I need an ark

back when i lived in lubbock, there was a commercial that aired for the local carpet cleaning called Carpet Tech. It featured a beautiful family living on the South Plains in a two story house. One day, the beautiful, gorgeous mother left the handsome father in charge of their 3 spirited daughters. The father kicked back into his leather arm chair and let his darlings play. And the darlings went swimming in the upstairs bathroom complete with a bubble bath.  Then, out of nowhere, a flood came from the heavens and the mother came through the front door...

So, this happened to me. And I don't have any kids. and We don't have a leather arm chair.
My beautiful nephews came to visit, and as we are taking the last pee before we leave, T comes downstairs to alert me of a puddle.

"B made a puddle in the bathroom." I stare at Michael. I stare at T. I sigh and climb the stairs. I approach the landing and grab a roll of paper towels that was sitting in my cleaning bucket. I approach the bathroom, and immediately see that there is about an inch of water on my bathroom floor. I holler for Michael and T to bring me towels, every towel they can find.

Michael goes downstairs to get me towels from our bathroom, and walks past the half-bath that is directly below the upstairs bathroom. He thinks somebody is there peeing in the dark. He turns on the light, and there it is... water running down the walls, out of the exhaust fan, behind the mirror, bubbling the wall paper. so its flooded. awesome

Then we checked the garage, because it shares walls with the half-bath. Water is coming out of the floor. So awesome.

We managed to control the water, and keep the boys quiet. Doesn't look like any permanent damage.

And now, its thundering and raining, and there are flash flood warnings involved.

Get me an ARK STAT!

--Jessica G.

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