Friday, July 20, 2012

Going for the Gold...

I am addicted obsessed with ABC Family programming. In particular, I adore the gymnast drama Make It Or Break It. I blame it on my mom (who can be blamed for all sorts of things these days, like not being around to follow me and my sister around Babies R Us... but I'll get to that) because she never allowed me to enroll in gymnastic classes after I stayed up all night watching the 96 Olympics.

Who didn't want to be a gymnast after the '96 Olympics? I mean, other than the whole trash can bombing thing that had me scared to sleep for weeks, all dreams were about flipping around on the beam and flying through the air on the uneven bars.
News Flash: Gymnastic isn't for fat kids. But nobody ever let me figure that out. They totally don't let you wear sweatpant or yoga pants. B/c if they did, I'd totally be the first 25 year old gymnast to make the Olympic team. I have HEART people. and absolutely no talent.

Before school sports, the only cool thing I ever got to do was play softball. And there were those cheerleading classes that I begged my mom for (and succeeded in getting) that took place at the College Park Mall.

Anyways, getting back to the point... Olympic Gold Barbie (she bended in all sorts of funny ways, and had her own olympic gold medal) and I, are obsessed with the drama, the gymnastics, the cheesy story lines, and the some-what obvious gymnast swaparoos. Thanks to netflix and summers off, I am now rewatching the entire series for the 3rd time... this summer.

Netflix will probably remove the show from the website or at least block me from watching it. I am sure my husband would be delighted.

And yes, I watch horrible acting tragedies such as The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which requires absolutely zero brain cells. And I don't even want to watch it. But I feel compelled to watch it. And not because I am obsessed with Bunheads that comes on afterwards, and was totally Amy Sherman Pallidino's Gilmore Girls Reboot. Yay for fast talking.

Doesn't everybody want to know if Amy and Ricky really will get married?

--Jessica G.

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