Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm not avoiding anything...

Okay so that was a LIE. I'm avoiding finishing the last 4 topics (read=assignments) in the gifted and talented professional development course that I signed up for completion over the internet.

Let's get this straight... I'm only currently suffering through this for 2 3 reasons.

1) I payed $75 for this mess, and its $75 I can't afford to blow. I could've spent it on something fun, like a hair cut, stuff I don't need want from Michaels, or like paying off one of those wonderful medical people who took out my appendix and demand to be paid for the experience. Or say, a washing machine that actually washes clothes.

2) I want to get a job, and I figure that earning my initial 6 hours of G/T training will make me hireable. It's not like I want to teach or anything, and I already have like a million (okay so 3) additional certifications. It's all about making myself marketable.

3) and most importantly, I actually do care about the students that I will hopefully one day get the pleasure to teach. And WHEN I do, I  know that I'll need to be able to serve their individual needs, and there is a VERY high chance that I'll have some of those gifted and talented learners in my (currently imaginary) classroom. I do want to know how to expand lessons, right rubrics, and assess those friends so they may get the very best out of their education.

whoops... I just got caught blogging and listening to Pandora on my Nook (thanks Dad!!!)

Guess I'll get back to the "topics"

-Jessica G.

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