Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little bit of Anniebell in your life...

Michael just cut up my potato skin to put into Annie's food bowl. He's not at all spoiling her or any thing...

I'm working on baby shower stuff, and I have dubbed tomorrow the day of cut and paste. Mine and Michael's hands will be busy, along with my cricut (!!!!) and Annie will just get tired by looking at us.


Annie was gone from home for about 13 days and we sure have missed her around here. She was missed about as much as my dad absolutely loved getting up a 3:30 in the morning to let the littlest Angel back inside and then watched her run away hated to see her go.

She's glad to be home... don't you think?

She needed a nap after sleeping in the car for 3 hours!

(yes, I know you are looking at that pillow, and are thinking GROSS. Me too. It's traveled from Austin, Ft. Worth, Lubbock, and Back to Austin. My husband is a future hoarder. You'll find me under spare computer parts, 15 year old pillows and dirty underwear.)

Been home for 15 minutes and the paparazzi is out.
In a slow Eeyore voice: "Please stop taking my picture..."

Bedtime( she does move...)

The chair she is sleeping is 33 years old. It used to belong to my grandmother, and I loved it dearly. I made my parents store it for 6 odd years before my dad had to fix the broken leg so I could put it into my first apartment. Once Annie came to live with me, it became to be her official bed. For a while, she'd been leaning to the left, and then she was severely leaning to the left. Michael busted out his new birthday present and some of the left over ikea bed and fixed it. Now she no longer leans to the left. She is overly thrilled.


She was following me around waiting to get her cookie aka puppy prozac. She doe not like thunderstorms.It thunders, I have a shadow and a foot warmer.

Sharing her bed with Gallbladder Annie. She was entrigued. We are just preparing her for the inevitable far off arrival of Ollie Munch (the pretend Golden Retrevier/Chocolate Lab we want)

She absolutely hates her parents... but we adore her!

 She was working hard for her cookie. She had already given kisses, rolled over, and spoke. Give up the cookie!

 This is what happens when it rains.
A) She's covered in mud and her wonderful daddy gets to wipe of every square inch of her.
B) She hides from everybody on the pillows.

She doesn't like storms.

Enough of my dog staring at you? I think she's pretty darn cute.

Please leave comments or even follow my blog. I know it tells me people are reading, but it might lie.
After all the cake is a lie.

--Jessica G.

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