Monday, July 30, 2012

one dolla one dolla last you long time.

Tonight, because I was craving cookies and it was too late to soften butter, I made a smoothie instead.

I gathered up a banana, a ripe nectarine (on sale this week!), some kale leaves, greek yogurt, and soy milk. All in all everything I put in it (at least the portions) cost less than a dollar. Pretty good deal if I say so myself.

Speaking of a dollar, I paid some annoying guy for the clean water act, a dollar so he would leave. I know that most people say, hey just shut the door or how about never answer the door. And I usually don't answer the door. But the lights were on, the tv was blaring, and I am sure they could hear me laughing at the dog. So, I answered the door, because when you are from the country you don't have to worry about something like home invasions.

Michael, he worries about home invasions and how we don't have a chain on the door, and how the dog is actually very useless.

Anyway, the guy talked my ear off, begging me for a $120 check (yeah, right!) once he complimented me on my Superman shirt (Thanks Old Navy Clearance...) and wouldn't let me go. And I get that drinking water is very important, and that he's convinced that we are going to run out of water.

And then he got to the point, after asking me for money, in which I grabbed quarters from the jar just inside the door. I wanted him to go away. As he was writing me a receipt for my "donation", he started talking about the presidential campaign.

Ahh, so here it is. The REAL reason he was here. He asked me who I voted for in 2008 and who was I going to vote for this November. I told him that I don't discuss my political views with others. As I finally got to shut my front door, he handed me my receipt. Attached was an Obama pamphlet.

Got to love political agenda.

Oh and to the guy who left your cool plastic cup on our porch with your cooties. We recycled it. Next time please don't leave your stuff here. kthx.

--Jessica G.

Anybody else watching the XXX Summer Olympics? I'm obsessed. Gymnastics comes first, but good lord alive, men's swimming comes in a very very very close second. Probably for the same reason Michael is all over the women's swimming AND women's short short's volleyball. Yay! Hormones.

What's your favorite part of the XXX Summer Olympics?

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