Thursday, July 26, 2012

Whiney aren't I

This morning I had Michael call my cell phone. It was right next to me; I just doubted that it actually worked.

Seriously. It hadn't rang in a while. No medical bill collectors calling (but that could be because I've paid most of them), no medicare people calling because they think I'm old (hello, I was just my dad's emergency contact...), nobody.

Just some odd text messages and emails and facebook updates from those people I am stalking... but that doesn't mean calling me actually worked.

Michael called. It rang. That's a confirmation that it worked. Rejection stared at me in the face, mocking me, making me think I'm Annie staring at a meaner version of myself in the mirror.

Let me throw this out there. I have a job, a job that I enjoy with people that I genuinely love working with. I make a difference in children's lives, and I get hugs and I can see growth and it makes what I do every day completely worth it.

Moving on.

I would like to be recognized and paid as a teacher, so I've spent this summer applying for jobs. I went to a job fair, had an interview. No luck. I've put in at least 60-70 job applications with one district this summer. No calls, no emails, they probably haven't even looked at my applications.

I've also applied in other districts, some around Austin, some in other parts of the state. I actually applied for a job in Lubbock. No dice. Relocation is currently in our cards, but nothing is coming of it.

I just hate that I've put in all this work, and have all of these loans to pay back, and no teaching job.

I desperately want a classroom of my own, a contract, and to make an influence on my life. I still remember those teachers that made an impact on me. Why can't I seem to be able to be apart of that club?

---Jessica G.

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