Monday, August 20, 2012

Ding dong ditch...

I spent the evening working on classroom stuff, which is very slowly coming together.

Very slowly. But I've got names on tags and some things are laminated, so its getting there.

I have until Thursday afternoon to make the room presentable, because its Meet the Teacher night. I can do it.

After all, as of this afternoon I have 26 (yes you read that correctly) potential students to meet. I'm sure this number will change (by climbing up) before school starts.

That scares me. Not only do I have to figure out where to put them all, I actually have to be responsible for the little darlings myself.

I am eager for Monday, to get the year as a TEACHER started.

As are, I suppose, the teenagers who live down the street from Tab and Scott. After all, they must be really bored if playing ding dong ditch at 10pm is their idea of a good time.

It was hilarious to watch them run away on the security camera (they upgraded... its swanky), and sidesplitting to watch them almost pee their pants when we set off the car alarm right as they were sneaking up to the door.

Us "old" (meaning Tab, Scott, and Michael who have 6-8 years on me) really know how to have a good laugh.

-Jessica G.

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