Saturday, August 4, 2012


Some things in life don't make sense.
Many things need clarification before they do.
Which brings me to this story:
Yesterday, I went with Abigail and Krystal to Arlington to go to Mardels so they could get things for their classrooms. Mine is still imaginary, so I entertained a panic attack and instead chose to sit in the car. Whatever.
We finally made it back after making multiple stops and having lunch. When we got about 15 minutes away from my Dad's favorite pizza, I ordered him one. I've quickly learned that he'll give me all sorts if crap until he actually gets one, and I'm a nice kid. I like to do nice things for my father.
When I got back to his house with the pizza (sticky finger supreme), Dad was unloading groceries and carrying on a conversation with somebody on his cell phone which is a considerable feat since two of the steps on the 33 year old porch have fallen victim to shoddy craftmanship (obviously, they weren't built to last... it's ONLY been 33 years) and are somewhat questionable. But when Dad saw me carrying that pizza... he was excited.
I carried in some groceries (I can be helpful...) and started to put things away. I was highly impressed with the amount of actual food he bought. Usually he buys a few things to eat, but this time it looked liked he was having a party. Fresh fruit, meats, the whole nine yards. I was highly impressed.
I was also confused. I was unpacking a bag, and came across a cantaloupe thinking nothing of it. I continued emptying a bag. Another cantaloupe. Odd. He is one man, but maybe he just really wanted melon. Digging through the groceries, I happen across a third cantaloupe. Did he grab someone else's bag? Then I open another bag of groceries which I know for sure is his, because it had his cajun coffee inside... with another cantaloupe.
He bought 4 cantaloupes.
By this time, Krystal had showed up and we were discussing his need for 4 cantaloupes. Why does one person need 4 cantaloupes? Was there something we needed to know? So, I asked... for clarification. It went a little like this:
Dad, why did you buy 4 cantaloupes?
Why shouldn't I buy that many? Cantaloupe is good for you. It taste good. Do you want one? You can have one.
Uh, no thanks. Won't they go bad?
They won't go bad. You eat them. Here do you want a cantaloupe? (Gesturing at Krystal)
Laughing... she accepted the melon.
To go ahead and clarify, 4 melons probably wasn't such a bad idea. He's already down to 2.
But my half sure was delicious.
-Jessica G.
PS. Isn't cantaloupe a funny word?

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  1. You forgot the part where they were a dollar each. Hehehe!