Sunday, August 5, 2012

Never met a potato I didn't like.

Gosh, I adore potatoes.

Mashed, baked, fried, with cheese, without cheese, curly, seasoned, garlic, boiled, in a salad, dehydrated in a box, anyway you can serve a potato I am there.

They are my ultimate comfort food, actually winning out over chocolate. I could probably be shunned as a woman. You can provide me with Godiva chocolate and a bowl of mashed potatoes.

The potatoes will always win out. I'm that predictable.


I went back to Austin today, after spending 3 days in the Metroplex. It's nice to be back home with my dog and my husband. It was rather important to come home to the dog, seeing as she tends to bite me when I've been gone for a while.

I have also spent the last few days thinking. Most of you are probably like, that must really hurt your brain. So instead of thinking, I'll call it reflecting.

I tend to hang on to things, such as I can remember a time when I was taking the TAAS test in 3rd grade. I got chastised from my teacher because I felt sick to my stomach and asked to go to the bathroom minutes after the test started. And I'll never forget the girls who came into the bathroom after I did who proceeded to make fun of me (they didn't know it was me) because of the smell.

There are days, that I still reflect on this moment, and feel somewhat ashamed.

I've got problems. And I use potatoes to help ease the discomfort that I feel.

I always have.

I don't know why I thought about this moment. I do know that I'm replacing therapy with a blog because it's cheaper, and I enjoy writing.

What are those moments in your life that haven't left you, but really should be a distant memory instead of a somewhat painful memory?

I know that I have too many to count. But thankfully potatoes are cheap, and they help drown out the angsty panicky feeling I get from them.

--Jessica G.

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