Monday, August 13, 2012

Stinky Feet $19.95, Just pay shipping and handling...

I do not have a problem with feet. Let's get this straight.

Feet do not bother me. I love pedicures, I don't mind people rubbing them or touching them (there are a few lines that could be drawn...use your imagination people!)

I'll even rub other people's (okay, so my dad's) feet. I've even used the foot grader thingy that I bought from HEB on Michael's feet... he wasn't a fan.

But this, this I can't stand. Its called Callous Clear.

And I bet it is the commercial. 3 or so minutes of nasty calloused feet. 

GET A PEDICURE. The Asians at the salon will appreciate your business, and I won't feel the need to barf while I watch late nigh tv.

Add that to the list of things that want to make me vomit today. Joining that list is cleaning out the trash can that had to enjoy my stomach projectiles from last night, and the people pulling the face of a guy on  House. 

My stomach has been queasy.

On another, infomercial related note, you can decide which is better for picking up hair and other crap.

The Schitcky:

This guy does a funny commercial. And he's been in prison. SCORE!


Sticky Buddy:

He's got rubber fingers to rub his kitty. 

Either way, the entire time... I have dirty thoughts going through my head as I laugh until I fall off the couch.

No more late night tv for me.

-Jessica G.

PS.  Which would you buy?

I have in no way been compensated to say anything about these products whatsoever. I just found them really funny, and thought I would share with the rest of the world... the part that doesn't stay up all night.

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