Saturday, September 1, 2012


Recess may give me skin cancer.
I've spent all summer in the safety of my dark, cozy, cool house.
Three days in kindergarten and my face, feet, hands, and chest have a slight red tinge.
My arms hurt. My face is breaking out from the sun exposure.

I'm the idiot who doesn't buy sunblock but wishes for aloe vera.

Skin cancer here I come!

But thats a medical condition. And since you can't get insurance (well, I have it with my employer, but still) with a pre-exisiting medical condition, maybe I should hold off.

I've got 182 days to go. I'll buy stock in coppertone I guess.

Speaking of kindergarten... I'm in love. and I feel oh so lucky to be where I am Not only do I get to work with my sister when she comes back from her baby leave, I get to work with an amazing team of 5 other kindergarten teachers. We are all where we are because we want to be there. It's awesome.

And if my car allowed me to fit all 24 of my babies in it, I would love to bring them all home. (Not like creepy way. I just love them all so much.)

But at the end of everyday, I send them on their way to their moms and dads and special big people, and I pick up B and T. Which is pretty stinkin' awesome.

I hope that those babies are as tired as I am at the end of everyday. They definately keep me going, and they are all very special.

Look out world... The Class of 2025 has got it going on!

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