Saturday, September 8, 2012

9 days

Nine days of kindergarten down... and I am sick.

Not quite a land record. Last year I spent 3 days in pre-k helping out at the beginning of school before I picked up some stomach virus.

My immune system rocks.

Biggest downside of being sick... I wasn't able to go to Austin to see Michael this weekend.
Upside of being sick... Watching Saturday football with my dad.

We've got the windows open and are currently watching K-State and Miami... We've made plans to access the Tech game later today.

Maggie is at Dad's feet and Annie no where to be found.

Oh. Saturday.

I've got to type up lesson plans, work on center stuff, and try to figure out how to appear like I actually know what I am doing next week.

Oh and do some laundry.

Here's something to pretty to look at...

Isn't my niece adorable?

Happy Saturday Ya'll!

-Jessica G

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