Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not the best thing...

Okay, so not really.

I've had a bad day. I'm exhausted and anxiety ridden about progress reports (I'm afraid of the emails I might get), moving, trying to find a place to live, Michael is going back to Austin tomorrow(he came to me!!!!!)

I've made a lot of mistakes today. I'm not going to lie. And I know what they are. And they've made me cry.

And I'm just a tad bit overwhelmed.

But it'll get better right?
I did go and hold Little Miss L for a bit. That stinky butt makes me feel better even when she's asleep and has a stinky diaper.  I don't know what it is, but that baby make it better.

Even if its only for a little bit.

After my bad day, I came back to my dad's house and got online. I checked my work email (hello anxiety), got on to Facebook and TirNua (go check it out).

There's this buy sell trade page for my local area... and they have puppies on there a lot.
I get all sad and wanting puppies.

Tonight because I'm sad and mopey, I loved on my real life puppy and then got on to to see who else is out there looking for a forever home.

Because Michael and I totally have a forever home and can afford another dog.

We can't even afford to keep the one we have in her cookie habit... maybe I should check into rehab for her addiction.

But it's like I am a cutter.

I get on to and I find a cute breed (usually a Golden Retriever or a Labrador of a certain color) and I look.

I grin with cuteness; I cringe with the sad faces behind bars.

I cry with their stories, and wish that I could give them a forever home.

I'm such an emo teenager, but with puppies and the internet.

Oh puppies.

This guy is up for adoption. Makes my heart bleed. He just looks so sweet. 

Go get a shelter dog, hug it, love it, and give it a forever home.

For me.

I'll hug Pig Pen Annie's neck. If I can find her.

--Jessica G.

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