Monday, September 3, 2012

It's not for the frail...

Waterparks are not for your grandparents ladies and gentlemen.

Well, maybe they are. If they compete in the Iron Man competition or take large amounts of opiates.

Michael and I went to Schliterbahn yesterday. My dad's friend, (whom I've known for basically forever. She is now in my top 10 of favorite people) Karie, gave us FREE tickets to the Schliterbahn water park in New Bransfels. I originally accepted the tickets when I was living in Austin on a fulltime basis, and not when I was weekend commuting.

Just a side note about Karie. She worked with my dad for ages and is a really cool lady. The Schliterbahn tickets were admittedly the second coolest thing she's ever done for me. When I was like either 6 or 7 and going by the alias of Kimberly, Pink Ranger, my sister and I spent a Friday night at her house. The next morning as we made scrambled eggs (add milk to make them fluffier--learned that that day...) she TAPED The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for me. AND I GOT TO TAKE IT HOME.


Back to Schliterbahn.

We totally had a goal to get there at 10AM when the park opened to beat the "after church" crowd. But that totally didn't happen. Once we finally woke up and showered and fed, and I found a bathing suit that didn't show too much back fat (my nice one from Lane Bryant that my girls pop out of sporadically  is at Tabitha's house...) we were on our way.

Without the bag of dry clothes.

I hate wet clothes.

So I packed us (and by us, I mean me because Michael WORE his dry clothes to the waterpark)  a bag of dry clothes to have afterwards. It was still on the couch after we came home.

At least he remember to ask me if I had his swim suit BEFORE we pulled out of the driveway.

Anyways, we got to Schliterbahn at 3pm with the "after 3 discount" crowd, got our locker, and put on sunblock.

By the way, the HEB Solutions sunblock isn't worth it. I'm a  sad to say, that even though there was a $2.00 off coupon and it has the SAME active ingredients as Neutrogena's spray SPF 100, it is DISGUSTING. It smelt funny, I was SHINY and STICKY. And when we were in the water, you could see the oily film in the water. GROSS.

Anyway, Michael and I had a ton of fun. We zipped and zoomed and flew down the slides. We rode on tubes through multiple rides that were supposed to simulate the river with rapids and things.  IT WAS WONDERFUL.

We didn't leave the park until 8pm... AKA closing. We soaked it up... with the only exception... we didn't get to go to Schliterbahn East which is the newer park. There was so much to do in the older part of the park, that we never made it.

They built a Buccee's in New Braunsfel's (its an oversized gas station that has a beaver as its mascot) and we stopped. There is a billboard on I-45 for the one near Houston, and there is a billboard on I-35 for the one in New Braunsfel's. So we stopped. And wandered through all the cool stuff that they sell. With Beaver's on them.

Got to love it...

---Jessica G.

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