Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whats that smell?

.I'm not generally a wasteful person, so I am either going to give something away or sell it before I through it away. Usually things sit in a goodwill box for months before I decide I need it again, find a friend who could use it, or finally take the box to goodwill.
Point is, I usually will not through something away if it has a purpose, even if I don't have a purpose for it. Somebody else could probably use it.

I'm also not a very good housekeeper.

Never have been, probably never will be. I like the way something looks when it is neat and tidy, but the urge to continually keep something neat and tidy just isn't there. Keeping rooms clean and organized seems like a full time job... not particularly something I like to commit to.

When I was a kid, I had certain paths in my room that I alone could navigate. Now as an adult I still have the same kind of philosophy. Things may be disorganized to the naked eye, but I can generally find the things I need. (I say generally because I am the one that can find something for my husband at the drop of the hat, but if I need something, say my keys or shoes, its a never ending quest for gold).

And I am really horrible about forgetting that I put laundry in the washing machine. Rather, its I am too lazy to empty the dryer. I don't like to put the clothes away. I don't mind washing them and putting them in the dryer, but its the getting them out of the dryer that causes my system to fail.

And fail it did.

The washing machine at the ATX house has been on the fritz for a while and Michael and I contemplated buying new ones, but after all of the research we decided we couldn't spend the money.

So instead of getting a machine that washed clothes (by actually spinning and stuff) we were left with a machine that occasionally spinned by itself, but more often than not you haveto switch it a cycle (meaning the prewash cycle) to get it to spin and drain. Which is fine, if you remember that you put clothes in the washing machine.

Most of the time I forget.

About a month ago, I forgot big time.

I did a bunch of laundry, and was on a roll. Clean towels, clean underwear, the works.
So because I was somewhat caught up, I decided to wash a blanket.

And I didn't tell Michael.

And I forgot.

Fast forward to today.

Michael had been telling me about this horrid smell in the house. He had finally narrowed it down to the washing machine/blanket.

Rotten moldy eggs was the smell. Consumed the entire house. Made me gag.

Its a good thing we are moving.

Once we said a hurried goodbye to the blanket (sad!) it was time for me to deal with the washing machine. Thankfully  I had read something on pinterest about cleaning your washing machine. (Hello? does that even sound normal?)

So I did.

I filled the machine full with hot water and a cup and a half of bleach. Let it run. When I went to go change the cycle to spin, I curiously opened it.


Dog hair... Loads and Loads of Dog hair.

And a film of detergent floating on top of the water.


So I ran it again. Per the instructions I filled the tub with water and one and a half cups vinegar.

Results were better this time. Less clumps of dog hair, and the film of detergent was way less.

Makes me want to go do the same thing to the washing machine of everyone I know.

Can't help but wonder, how clothes actually got clean.

Go clean your washing machine.

You'll be shocked.

--Jessica G.

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