Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween is not the fall holiday that I look forward to.

In fact, its probably the one holiday that I like the least out of all the holidays that we, as Americans, celebrate each year.

Give me a bag of M&Ms, just buy the Snickers.

Don't make me trek up and down the street and try to figure out if your light is on because you are giving out candy or because you are an old stick in the mud.

Try explaining that to a 5 year old.

I took B trick or treating while his parents were out trying to relieve their youth at a Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson concert.

We walked up and down the street, around the corner a bit, and back down the street again. All in all we hit maybe 15 houses.

Then he was done. This was made evident by the fact that he kept removing more and more pieces of his costume as we were walking.

I was done.

We walked back to his house were Krystal was passing out candy, and hung out. He tried so hard to pass out 2 pieces of candy... but it's hard.

He was ready for bed at his going to bedtime.

He didn't put up a fight.

Thank God.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Braum's (for treats) or to a friend's house or to the free carnival.

Oh well.

He has a bucket full of candy, and I got to pass out treats to kids who are too old to be trick or treating.

aka "had my backpack in the car, decided to use it to get candy" kid.


"Put some face paint on my 6 month old... give me candy." lady.

I'm over it.


On another note.... Happy Birthday to the cool cat Dad that I was lucky enough to be blessed with. You are YOUNG! Love you.

any who.

Happy Halloween and may your teeth rot.

---Jessica G.

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