Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Livin' like a divorced kid.

I don't know how kids of divorce do it.

I hate living basically in two different places, with my stuff spread out all over the state of Texas.

That's right folks, I'm still currently a resident of two places.

That changes November 15th.

I'm buying a house. Rather, Michael and I are buying a house.

As in buying. Not renting or leasing. BUYING.

I'm still in shock that someone (aka the federal government) has decided that I am responsible enough to borrow money to buy a house. But they did.

And we found one.


And all parties finally agreed on prices. After offering, countering, sleeping on it, countering, countering, and accepting.

I'm exhausted and my nerves are shot.

But I'm getting a house. And I get to paint. And if I put holes in the wall my husband has to fix them.

And I get Christmas lights (which, btw, is what I am most excited about. That and sleeping in my king size bed again...). Michael has agreed in WRITING to put up Christmas lights... THIS YEAR.

Like I said, I have it in writing--rather I have a screenshot of the Skype conversation.

He certainly may regret this. BUT GET EXCITED.

But lights have to wait. We have to move first.

And that won't be until Nov. 15th (probably weekend after).

Until then I yearn for my king size bed. And my closet.

And my crafty stuff.

-Jessica G

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