Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two-Steppin Tuesday

Today's western day at school and I am decked out from head to toe with my boots,  my jeans, my shirt that I am pretending that is western, and my Dad's Resitol Cowgirl (today at least) hat. It's going to be a lot of fun. Right now I am sitting in the back of my dad's truck Scion xB waiting on my sister, enjoying the early morning sky and the sound of the interstate which can easily be measured in feet in terms of distance from my Dad's house. Oh. Dear. Lord. A skunk just ran past. At first I thought it was a cat, but no. Bushy tail, white stripe, moves just like Pepe Le Pew... Skunk. I guess that's just part of being in the Texas countryside. Thank God the dogs weren't outside. My friend's minature horse dog, Dhimi is staying with us this week while she and her husband sail through the Gulf of Mexico alongside the Mexican Drug Cartels. While they are enjoying encasing themselves on a boat with hundreds if not thousands of strangers, Dhimi is learning about cats. He's never really had much interaction with them, and much like the chihuahuas, he just wants to play. And he thinks their slapping and hissing is playing. It's not. And either he's gonna get smacked into next week OR my Dad will be down to 2 cats. It's a good thing he didn't meet the skunk. --Jessica G. This mobile post is brought to you by the letter Aa, the number 8, and the color black.

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