Friday, November 2, 2012

Day Two: Thankful for my sister

My sister and I have always fought.

We've always been in different life stages.

We are six years apart.

And then... We grew up.

All I can remember growing up is the fighting that we'd do. Or how she was in high school and I was in Elementary school. Or how we took her to college, and I came home and went back to 7th grade.

And now, it seems as if that 6 year age barrier is broken.

We don't fight much any more (okay, we still do on occasion) and we get a long. Like adults.

Plus she gave me a really cool niece.

And she'll let me call her at 3am just to talk or cry.

It's good to have a sister.

I'm lucky.

And thankful for her.

---Jessica G. 

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