Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dr. Jessica Google, M.D

I've written about this before.

In fact it was almost exactly 5 months ago that I breached this subject.

But I am back at it again.

Since Christmas day, my lower back and my lower front has been hurting. More specifically the lower right part of my abdomen has been hurting. And before you jump up and try to rush me to the ER, I've had my appendix removed. In fact, it has been less than a year that it has been removed, but it made me all feverish and my tummy hurt, so the darn thing had to go.

Anyways, I was sitting here in the Austin house (wait, what's that? you mean you didn't know that we still had this house? we do...) last night and I was miserable. My back hurt, my abdomen hurt, and there was a strange burning sensation there too.

So my logical brain, the one that isn't known to make too many public appearance, says calm down, its probably just your rebellious right ovary, no big deal. Take some more Advil, crank up the heating pad, you'll be fine.


The irrational brain, the one that is BFFs with so many people, the one that is more often than not out and about causing trouble, sent me to google.

Here I am with known ovarian problems, thinking my appendix has grown back.

So I start googling, and somehow end up on one of those talk to a real doctor now website. I read other people's problems that similar, but nothing seems to be a good fit. I don't have my appendix, and I got rid of my gallbladder years ago. Could I have given myself an ulcer from taking Advil everyday? Unlikely. Do I have celiacs disease? Please... no. Should I see a doctor for IBS... maybe... but nothing fit quite right.


I started filling out the boxes to get my own answer from the doctor who was just waiting to answer my question. I got every thing filled out, and then... my logical brain kicked in when the pay the deposit page loaded.

What was I doing?
Thankfully, logic kicked in and so did the realization that I'd have to get up and get away from the heating pad to be able to find my debit card to pay for it.

Thank goodness, I am lazy.

And I need to find a doctor.

I haven't found one yet, but I think a breathing doctor standing in front of me would be better than a virtual quack.

Just saying...

Has any one ever paid the virtual Doctor? Or am I just that nutty?

--Jessica G.

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