Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tales of the cable office...

I've gone mobile, desperately waiting for my turn to return our cable/internet stuff to end our time living in Austin.

It's the best opportunity for people watching I've had in a while.

I've come up with several types of people:

1. Seat Vulture's:
These are the types of people who hover and swarm over others to get a seat. While I respect that we all would like to sit down- heavens knows I would love to, but pregnant women, the obviously disabled and the elderly get first dibs. Your heavy box can be sat down, and no, when there are 40+ people in a lobby you pint size toddler doesn't need her own chair.

2. Line hoppers:
These are the people who have a vagrant disregard for the take a number stand. They march right into the office, completely ignoring the 40+ people in the lobby. We aren't having a party here, people. We aren't here for the ambiance. Don't cut. It's rude.

3. The cell phone chatter:
Obviously, I'm on my cell phone right now. BUT I am not talking on my cell phone. I am continuing the stereotype of the youth of America and cellphones. Soon I won't be, seeing as the death of the battery will soon plague me.
However, we are in public. There are certain phone calls that should not be held in public. One of those is the disgruntled phone call that you make on behalf of your daughter to your ex, her father. Nobody wants to hear it. Take it outside. I shouldn't know your daughter's name nor should I know the inside details to your custody agreement. Also, you should speak with your current husband about his dipping in public. It's gross and crazy unnecessary. I ain't got time for that.

4. People with kids:
Okay, this is going to sound really bratty, but don't bring your child to the cable place without something to occupy them. Is it really that hard for you to give up your iphone? Couldn't you have grabbed some crayons and a coloring book before you left the house? Or better yet, couldn't you have left your 5 children at home with the oldest one who looks old enough to be in high school.

I think I'll give up on people watching and read a good old fashioned newspaper.
Wait do those still exist?

--Jessica G.

This post was originally written on December 29th, 2012 at about 2pm. I was standing at Time Warner's North Austin Office. Obviously... I'm not there anymore.

Thank God.

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