Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tunes Tuesday... plus a little extra

Okay, so here's what is on repeat lately even though I usually am listening to Christmas Carols this time of the year.

1. The Lumineers -"Hey Ho"

Such a good, soft song. Good lyrics too. Very love song like--I foresee this being played at a bunch of weddings.

2. Michael Buble-"Everything"

Speaking of weddings, this is the song that Michael and I danced to at our wedding. Everytime I listen to the sultry voice of Buble, I cry. So cry with me.

3. Psy-"Gangnam Style

Everybody loves Gangnam style. It's so catchy. Literally translated it is probably the most disgusting song I have heard in a while.

Wanna learn to Gangnam? (I tried... but ITS HARD)

and probably the best version of it all...

4. RED RAIDER STYLE (a Gangnam Style Parody)

This is just another reason among billions of why I love my university.

Wreck Em' Tech. And go vote for Raider Red.

I also did some digging around on the internet.

Not real hard for me to do, since I love searching the deep dark crevices... and also facebook and pinterest.


I'm doing an Elf on the Shelf in my classroom (who "ahem" incidentally lost his magic and was left in the same position for two days...) and I sometimes struggle to come up with ideas, because he can't be touched. Anyways... I have a feeling tomorrow will have something to do with leftover reindeer food.

Just saying.

I was browsing Pinterest and found a web post of some 'naughty' (not kid-friendly) Elf on the Shelf pictures. Check those out here.

And finally, since Christmas is around the corner, and you must know what's on my teaching wishlist...

Don't forget to go vote for Raider Red.
Help Us Beat the Cocky Gamecock.

--Jessica G.

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