Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Home Goals

Michael and I recently purchased a new home (read about it here).


And although the house was basically move in ready, there have been somethings that we want to do to change it to make it our own.

And since I am not made of money, not related to a Rockefeller, and the new house doesn't have a money tree, its all going to come very slowly.

Then today, with my juice (ahem) and pinterest I found a home goals sheet that somebody made and decided to share (get your own here). Perfect.

So here our own home goals for 2013:

You'll notice that happy house comes up twice. We had a long talk as we sat in the old house's master bedroom right before we left.  The realization had come up that the house hadn't been happy for a while. I hadn't properly lived there for over 6 months because of summer stuff (garage sale, cleaning my dad's, baby shower, job interviews) and then because of the new job. And we suffered so much disappointment in that house. Lost jobs, failed interviews, lost organs, sickness, depression, anxiety. Although we had happy times there, the house holds a negative connotation because it seemed like the bad outweighed the good.

So we've gone into the new house with the mindset that this will be a happy place.

And so far, it has. The house has been full of family visiting, kids and babies (nieces and nephews), puppies, and lots of love. It's going to be hardwork, but we are ready to make this house a home.

After all, home is where the heart is...

--Jessica G.

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