Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Captain Bad Choices...



My official weigh isn't until tomorrow morning--I'm doing it on Thursdays because it aligns with the biggest loser competition I am in. Last week I lost only 0.43% of my weight (1lb)--Fingers crossed for a bigger percentage this week.

I'll post the new percentage and new pictures on Friday... can't get this everyday blog thing down.


I've made a lot of bad choices today.

First--the leftover chocolate  birthday cake that I had after school.
       It wasn't even that good. But temptation. Hunger. Sigh.

Second-- the faux potatoes

      I was feeling carby, so I made instant mashed potatoes (always such a bad choice) to go with the leftovers from last night. HOWEVER, I did scale back. I made my plate more about the turkey sausage than ribs and more about the corn/peas/green beans than the potatoes.

Third-- potato salad and chocolate milk

     Ok. I bought these... I haven't actually consumed this stuff yet. The chocolate milk was because I keep remembering these commercials.

And the potato salad was the whole carby thing again.

Fourth-- Golden Chick

   So I left the house with my wallet with the intent of going to the grocery store to get tea and water for a luncheon tomorrow. After making my bad choices at the grocery store, I decided to drive just a little bit further down 7th ave. and make a night of it.

  One piece of fried catfish, one fried chicken leg, battered french fries, a roll, and a sweet tea.

I even took the "long" way home to avoid the shame.

And then I got sick. My stomach hurts. I feel like I might throw up.

Yay! Bad choices.


On another note, I have my sonogram tomorrow to look for an ovarian cyst. I am like 95% sure that I have one, but you never know. I hope that I do--only because it's concrete, don't have to cut me open evidence of why I have the pain that I have.

--Jessica G.

PS. I did work out for an hour today. We did 30 reps on each machine in the cybex room and then we walked 5/6th mile and I ran 1/6th mile. Yesterday, we even completed day one of C25k.

It's a start.

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