Sunday, February 3, 2013

21 days

They say that after 21 days new habits are formed and old habits are dead.

I've been soda free for 21 days.

It was easy for a while, and still most days it is.



I almost broke.

I wanted Dr. Pepper so bad. There are only so many glasses of water a girl can drink without wanting something different.

And the worst part?

It's been 3 weeks without soda, working out consistenly, eating better, and trying to resist temptation.

I've only lost 3lbs.

This sucks.

But I am going to keep on going. I feel better after the exercise and I've made facebook my accountability partner.

I really want to be a size 12.

And one day, I'd like to look half-way cute when I am pregnant rather than looking like I am just super duper fat.

What keeps you motivated?

--Jessica G.

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