Thursday, February 21, 2013

In search of a decent grocery store...

Michael and I moved back to my hometown (ish... about 10 minutes away from it) and we are suffering.

The grocery stores around here stink.

We have an H-E-B, a Brookshires, an Ole', and Walmart.

H-E-B in Austin was awesome. Variety. Different types of food. Anything you could need,  you could find it. And the best part---you could drive about a mile and find another H-E-B.

That's not the case here. The H-E-B here is small, crowded, and lacks variety. There are foods that I would like to be able to purchase but they aren't available. Very little Gluten Free food for Michael's diet. Absolutely no foods like Almond butter (forget the fresh ground stuff I could grind myself in store), No fresh made sushi, no aisles that you could actually navigate.

If there was something that I wanted to try, chances are I could find it. It was easier to find healthy foods to eat. It was easier to find a larger variety of GF foods.

Just makes me homesick for Austin.

Obviously, I really want some Almond Butter and Apples.

--Jessica G.

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