Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Dessert February

So, no soda January was pretty successful. I've pretty much beat the habit, although the craving still hits me. I routinely order water when out to eat (which is so rare these days!) and today at the staff meeting, I dug for the icy bottle of water rather than succumb to the frosty can of Dr. Pepper. I had a rough day, and I really wanted it, but instead of drinking my emotions away, I just said no.

So the next hurdle is desserts. Pie. Cookies. Cakes. Sugared cereals. Candy. Chocolate of any form.

I've got to kick the habit. Today, instead of drinking my feelings away, I ate my feelings away with m&ms and fruit loops (not a snack I would routinely have, but it was the 100th day of school and they were apart of the trail mix we made. Along with the marshmallows that I ate too. Whoops.)

Kindergarten snack time is killing me. Part of it is the snacks that are being provided for the class ( who can turn down oatmeal pies and star crunches--it's like being in 6th grade again and Candice is sharing her lunches with me and Cody. FLASHBACK) and part of it is that by that time of the day, I am exhausted and wiped out and snacky and I don't have any healthy snacks readily available.

Some of my standby snacks aren't an option for me this year. Last year I was a fanatic about apple slices with almond butter or some almonds and a cheese stick. But because of the allergies in my classroom, I refuse to even eat something that contains nuts during the school day. I'm very conscious of my student and their needs, so its no longer an option. I do occasionally open up my fridge and bust out the carrots, but it's hard because I am busy.

Anyways, I got the idea for No dessert February from Pretty Strong (olympian weight lifter blog--these ladies are such an inspiration) after they completed No Soda January. Since I basically did the same thing, I decided that I would join in on Sarah's No Dessert February challenge. 

Here's to more weight coming off.


And in other Jessica news:

A war is currently raging in my uterus. Happy Wednesday!

My uterus in a perfect world.
 The Spartans would be the birth control pills that are supposed to be awesome and stop the evil empire aka my uterus from taking control
My uterus in real life. King Leo here represents the birth control fighting to do it job, but failing. Epic Failure.

So there you have it. This is dangerous business. 
Uterus Wars and No Chocolate to ease the pain. YAY! February.

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