Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sexy Calves Up in Here

My legs.

They BURN.

I started going to classes at the Y instead of just doing my own thing. A coworker of mine teaches classes there, so I go to her classes which are usually small (although not today...) that I can workout in the back without anyone staring at me.

Today, I was late to boot camp and had to actually work out in front of people. Awkward.

Anywho, completed boot camp with a burn in my legs. And them KCB came and joined the Y, so of course, we went and walked a very brisk mile.

Oh how it burned. I guess it was a good thing, but seriously... There was fire in my legs.

They are going to be sexy calves. Just sayin.

Oh and ps. My anxiety has been through the roof lately. I thought my panic attack on Friday was sugar induced (I had a reward...) but the anxiety continues. I've cut out almost all caffeine, almost all processed sugars, and I am exercising a lot. I'm even working on my spiritual well being but I am still being plagued by the horrible anxiety monster. I'm taking everything personal, and I've started worrying that every message, tweet, Facebook post, text, whisper, etc. is negatively directed at me. I've got to stay strong and not go to my automatic relief--food. I am doing well so far--I turned down a baked potato AND kindergarten snack AND fruit loops AND Mexican rice today. That's huge.

--Jessica G.

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