Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cana Stan

As Michael and I were preparing for bed to tonight, Michael happened across a gecko that had mad residence inside our home. We had many of these friends on Austin, all with a name from a variation of Stan. Doesn't Stan seem like an excellent name for a gecko?

Tonight we found Cana Stan, the first of the geckos here at our new home. I was ecstatic--I love the outdoorsy lizardy guys. Upon further inspection we discovered that Cana Stan had departed from his earthly existence and had moved on to the big gecko party in the sky.

Naturally, we buried Cana Stan using the fireplace shovel as a dirt shovel. As Michael said the eulogy, I covered Stan and said my final goodbyes. I didn't know him for more than 5 minutes but he was a good gecko. And he will be missed.

And I totally marked his grave with a piece of wood (aka mulch) and with my wand (hp reference) I marked his head stone as saying, "here lies Cana Stan, a free gecko." All the while, Annie was howling tapps.

-Jessica G.

PS. I can't make most of this up. Except Annie didn't even attend Stan's funeral. And I lost my wand in the move.

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