Monday, April 29, 2013

A Case of the Everlovin Mondays

Today has been a rough day.

It started off rough, from being in excruciating pain while taking care of morning
business. Then, on my way to work (late of course) I rounded the corner and almost started to bawl. A dead puppy with its friend sniffing it, licking it, trying to make it better. Thankfully, a coworker had been just in front of me and she stopped to check on it and ended up moving it out of the middle of the road.

I'm going to stop my Monday review and jump up on my soap box for a second. Please take care of your pets. Your young puppy does not belong outside while you are gone for the day. If he makes a mess in your house, crate him. Don't put him outside where he can easily escape from your fence. Granted, even trained, older pets are escape artists. Please just be responsible.

Anyways, spent Monday dealing with tantrums and incessent chattering and color changes and blurt pulls and actually teaching AFTER finding out that my health insurance premiums are going up next year.

I NEED my health insurance. It's not negoitatable for me. And I can't afford our lowest plan because everything is out of pocket until you meet the deductible. And to add children, it is an additional $300+ a month. Basically me and my nonexistent child would be over $600 oa month. To add Michael and nonexistent children it would cost me over $1100 a month. Health insurance for my family(with those imaginary kids) would cost more than my mortgage.

Major suckage.

Anyways. I was also in SEVERE pain today causing me to be all whiny and pathetic and completely incapable of doing anything once I got home. Adrenaline help me through the day but once I slowed down, it was OVER. Enough to cause me to raid my stash of pain killers. Its honestly not something I do all the time. And I ate like crap today. AND I didn't work out today.

Basically today was a failure.

With two packages of grilled cheese crackers. And a baked potato. And mashed potatoes. And Captain Crunch.

Today sucked.

-Jessica G.

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