Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Motivation Shorts

Everybody has those pants that they keep in their closet hoping that they'll fit in the one day.

I don't. Well, I do... Kinda.

I gave my size 16's to Tabitha to wear.

Anyways, I went out with Krystal today instead of going to the gym, because she's been having a rough few days months and she needed some girl time.

So. We went shopping. If you know me, I love to shop, but I absolutely have zero money. Mainly because there is the whole issue of the mortgage being paid and having to fork over my unborn child for health insurance and because I am a fan of the intahnets.

We ended up at the VF Factory Outlet (basically where all of the Lee and Wrangler Jeans go to die) and I noticed they had some workout clothes. I've had my eye on some of these running shorts because I am nothing if not a follower, and well everybody is wearing them these days. I tried some on at Academy back in early March while living on a prayer that they'd fit. They didn't. Not even close.

But today, at the VF Factory Outlet they had some in a really cute shade of purple. I am not one to go ahead and turn things down that are purple, and they were a steal at $10 (the ones at Academy were $35 for Soffee brand---Nike was never in contention...).

So, I ignored trying them on and went ahead and purchased them willing them to fit.

They sort of fit.

So I am declaring them my motivation shorts.

I'm posting some pictures of me in my motivation shorts after the break. If you don't want to look at my sausage cellulite legs, then don't click the jump. Or just stop reading here. Just saying.

April 30th 2013

April 30th 2013

April 30th 2013

-Jessica G.


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Maybe I'll do something cool.

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