Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oil Town Minithon

I ran a 5k today.


I ran some of it.

I walked  A LOT of it.

Point is that I finished, I finished something that six months ago I never would have done. Six months ago I would have never gotten out of bed at 6am on a Saturday, put on my tennis shoes (that no longer fit, because I lost weight in my feet. go figure.), and ran. Not even by myself. I ran with a group of people.

Better yet.

My race bib with event and time with my participation ribbon.
I paid money to do it.

Anyways, I finished, insanely slow, but I wasn't last. I wasn't very consistent with my mile times. I had to stop and tie my shoes a couple of times, and when we ran to my street, I seriously contemplated turning right and just going home instead of finishing the race.

But I finished.

And I'm going to do another one. Perhaps with more than 2 days of training for it.

It's a start.

After the race. I was tired. And excited.

My moral support.
As I ended the race, I found my moral support, AKA Michael standing at the finish line clapping for me as I finished. He stood there for 50 minutes. That's almost as impressive as me running :)

-Jessica G.


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Maybe I'll do something cool.

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