Monday, April 8, 2013

Taco Casa and other musings...

Michael and I rarely eat out-- he less so than I because of the Gluten Free thing. It's really hard to find things for him and its started to make me feel crummy every time I eat something that we didn't make at home.

So tonight, after we went to the Verizon Store (where they couldn't decide why I would have actually bought my iPhone from the Apple Store and kept trying to sell Michael random phones...) we decided to make it a good ole date night (aren't we exciting) and to get some fast food. We debated going to Taco Cabana (which is 30min) away or try Taco Casa. Taco Casa is rumored to be safe for Michael (sourced from a colleague of mine) so we tried Taco Casa.

Now, Taco Casa in town is attached to a gas station. Michael generally has a policy about not eating from gas station restaurants, but he trusted me and went with it. After getting all 4 tacos which required me to go back inside, Michael basically swallowed them whole. His general motto is do or die, go big or go home. He wasn't going to just try one taco...he was going to do it big.

And he has been fine. Absolutely fine. Me on the other hand, I've been nauseous and feeling like a foot. I ended up paying the piper. Ugh.

--Jessica G.

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