Saturday, May 25, 2013

Something New

I am pretty much a creature of habit. I don't stray from what I know.

Basically, I hate change.

But sometimes, I stray from the norm and branch out.

I bought new deodorant. And you can be all hello, what's the big deal, but I have used Dove brand deodorant basically since I first started wearing the stuff. I mean, there was a brief stint with Teen Spirit (do they even make this anymore?), my mom's insistence that I use Avon roll on (which is up there in my yucky factor--even to wearing wet clothes), and the occasional desperation purchase, but usually I stick with something with the Dove name on it.

Anyways, I bought new deodorant this month.

I bought Tom's of Maine deodorant.

I had a coupon.

It was pretty much a horrible decision.

I mean, to give Tom's of Maine doubt, it is SUMMER in TEXAS and I tend to sweat a lot.

But... I shouldn't smell myself should I? I feel like I smell a lot. I definitely shouldn't be the smelly kid in the kindergarten class that I am teaching.

I shouldn't be waking up in the middle of the night to be reapplying deodorant.

So I am back to the Dove (well... I will be once I get some from the store. right now it's lady speed stick.)

I'll guess I'll just have to take my chances with the aluminum and get breast cancer.

At least I'll smell good!

-Jessica G

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Maybe I'll do something cool.
As a disclaimer: I wasn't paid to review any of this products. I was just sharing my opinions. Smelly ones apparently.

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