Friday, June 14, 2013

It's like I ate Saran Wrap

Well yesterday was the day.

I had my surgery. And while I was out of it, and can't share the most gory details yet (I get those at the post-op appointment and I can't wait to see the pictures...part of me wonders if I went into the wrong field but then again I did win an award for teaching this year so...) I can share the highlights from my end.

1. Operative gear is absolutely hot. While I was jealous of the nurses, scrubs and blingy hats, I had some awesome attire! Who can't resist white thigh high compression hose (to prevent blood clots), grey no slip socks, a humongous hospital gown, disposable mesh underwear (which actually are quite amazing!), and my disposable surgical hat. I was simply irresistible (I'll post pictures at the end...)

2. Warm blankets and warm surgical beds. While the a/c was full blast, I was nice and cozy.

3. Three hours of surgery which I was completely not aware of. However, Michael and my dad receive words from the doctor like "Once I got in there I realized I had a lot of work to do." And "it looks like she ate Saran Wrap and it covered her ovaries!"

I'll leave the doctor's comments at that until I actually see him. My entourage occasionally like to exaggerate and pull my leg.

4. Four hours in Stage 1 recovery is quite long enough. Apparently, breathing is NOT optional. I struggled to come out of the anesthesia. Even with oxygen on and two breathing treatments it took several hours for me to maintain my blood oxygen level above 94%. It loves to dip down into the 80s which had lots of concerned looks from my nurse. Thankfully, I was finally able to breathe somewhat normally and I got moved to stage 2 recovery.

5. Stage 2 recovery is all about breathing on your own, losing the sliver of dignity that you have left when you need help to pull up your pants, and giving the nurse tips about helping her child learn to read. That and along with getting to finally see Michael and my dad was pretty much my favorite part.

6. We finally left at about 3:30, meaning we'd been there for about 9 and 1/2 hours. Nothing like shutting down the place. I was the second to last patient to leave and I was one of the first surgeries. I really know how to shut a place down.

7. Pizza is a lot like soup and crackers. Which is what I had for dinner, because soup is gross unless it is tomato and you've got a grilled cheese to dip in it. That I can get behind.

8. It's good to be home. I was at both of my homes yesterday. I recovered (okay slept) at my day's house for a few hours because my dad is completely awesome. And then I got to come home to my king size bed and purple flowers Krystal dropped off while I was at my dad's.

Those are MY highlights from yesterday. I'll leave you with some pictures. Nothing gory, I promise!

-Jessica G.

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  1. My sister had ovarian cyst surgery a few years ago, and she said it sucked. Sorry you're having to deal with this.

    Also? You left the most absolutely lovely comment on my blog, and I really wanted to email back, but couldn't cause you're no-reply. So I came here to see if I could find your email, but then started reading your blog, and so I was all 'eh, I'll just comment'. Except now my comment has turned weird.

    That's what happens when I get no sleep.

    My point is. Thank you. Your comment made my day. It really did.