Monday, June 3, 2013

Time out

I'm taking a time out from doing report cards at home, which completely violates my policy of bringing work home. Generally, I leave everything at the school--I try to keep my life from school and home separate. Michael gets yelled at enough in the middle of the night about not completing his work and to change his color...

Why should he have to put up with it when I am awake too? But seeing as Kindergarten graduation is on Thursday, and the last official day is Friday, I need to get on it. I haven't been able to complete it at school because I get distracted with organizing something, applying bandaids, or in general "teaching" (teaching gets quotes right now... frankly because we've been in school a million weeks too long. Why did I have to sing goodbye to May and hello to June today??? WHY???)

I will, however, spend hours upon hours on pinterest looking for classroom ideas. But that's not really working until the printer gets turned on, the scissors snip, and the laminator (yes, I have my own...) purrs.

Krystal and I went on a shopping adventure as I tried to buy some NEW clothes at retail cost. Lately all the clothes that I have purchased have come from a garage sale. Nothing is wrong with this at all, mainly because I found some awesome deals at garage sales, but I wanted something new.  We were shopping for two missions--cute outfit for kinder graduation (because maybe somebody will want my picture with their kid... maybe?) and a "nautical" outfit for the district award ceremony on Friday.

After going to two places, I found more than one way.

First, I was able to buy a shirt from the misses department in a size large. When that last happened, I can not tell you. I almost cried. Usually, I end up lurking in the woman's department all sad and pathetic because I am not 60 years old (not that there aren't trendy older women) and nothing is cute.

Second, I was able to buy a pair of pants in 2 sizes smaller than the last time I bought pants, which I believe was September. Basically, in September (at the same store...) I was a ugly two digit number (20) and it had to be stretchy. Today, I was a slightly less ugly two digit number that I hadn't seen since around 2008 (16). Granted, they were stretchy, but I haven't felt this good about myself.

Now if I can just stay away from potatoes. Which is going to be very hard since H-E-B now sells Whatburger ketchup. And yes, I totally bought something. All I need now is something to put ketchup on.

Pray that I make it without collapsing from exhaustion to Friday. That'd be great. Thanks.

--Jessica G.


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