Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quiet Lately.

If you are an avid reader of this blog (which I dare say any of you actually are...), you'd know that I've been silent the last couple of weeks--really the last couple of months.

If you really paid attention and knew me, you'd know that I let the first anniversary of this blog, my 2nd wedding anniversary, and the anniversary of my mother's passing quietly slip away without making mention of them.

I should have.

I meant to.

But I haven't.

I'm in a really odd place right now. I'm starting to finally get back into the grove of summer--the summer that I should've had. The summer of crafting, the summer of Michael and I getting our lives under control.

If you know us, you'd know the fact that I can tell you that our kitchen is clean and there are no dirty dishes anywhere in the house, you would be amazed. I can tell you that every night before we go to bed, we load the dishwasher. I even do it during the middle of the day or while I am cooking a meal.

Most of you are probably saying, whats the big deal? Doesn't everybody keep their dishes caught up? Short answer, No. Its been a constant struggle, a sign that we haven't been able to get our lives together. But now, we are finally settling in to our own, finally being grown-up. We've finally gotten a small grasp on our lives.

If only I could get the laundry in the same place.

If only I could get the craft projects that I had planned to do.

If only I could get my classroom finished and be ready to start the school year ahead of time. I wanted to spend that last week before I am bombarded with kiddos doing purely clerical stuff, writing name tags, etc. We shall see if I can accomplish those goals.

I promise that I'll get around to writing about all those important milestones that I said I would. But not today.

-Jessica G.

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