Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frustration: Plus size clothes edition

Yesterday Abigail and I upheld our mother's tradition of shopping insanity.

We went to the mall on tax-free weekend.

It actually wasn't that bad. We managed to find parking spots at the two different places we went without problems.

But know what we didn't find????


I apparently am between sizes. Meaning that I've kept off enough weight so that the size 18's are funky in fit with tons of gaping fabric everywhere and I don't have to unbutton many of them to even get them on. Then there are the size 16's which can be pulled up and buttoned with that oh so familiar struggle and are tight enough for every curve, every dimple of cellulite, and the oh so gorgeous camel toe to be highlighted.

Enter frustration.

Okay, so I did kind of find a pair of pants. Except that I don't know if they will fit, because the 18's were huge in me so I ordered a pair of 16's. We will see when they arrive at the house.

In the meantime I'll be pantsless, so the first few weeks of kindergarten means dresses and horrible chafing.

Sorry for being such a downer. I did manage to get some undergarments so you won't get to play the falling bra strap drinking game any more.

I imagine if I would get my butt back to the Y and eat better than I have this lazy summer, the 16's would fit me much better.

Now there's food for thought!

-Jessica G.

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