Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've been very busy.

And even more tired. 

So I've put off writing to sleep. And to be one of those lazy couch bums that never do anything, including laundry. 

Which means I've been pulling clothes out of the dryer all week to wear instead of hanging up the clothes. Now the dryer is almost empty. In a way, my laziness prevailed and I don't have to put many things away. The lone throw blanket that somehow got mixed in with my work clothes will find a home pretty quickly... only because I can't wear it and its the last thing in the dryer.


The other day I lost my wedding rings. 

It was a horrible day, to walk around with naked hands. I've always had a ring on... at least since 10/10/10. Even when my engagement ring was at the jeweler to get fit with my wedding bad I wore a fake ring. But the other day I woke up and I was in a panic because my rings were not on my mother's ring holder. I searched high and low, in the bathroom, the living room, kitchen... EVERYWHERE.

And it wasn't until that night, that I found them.

They were in the bed. Like under the covers, nice and warm, all cozy and waiting for me. 

My best guess is that I left them on when I went to sleep and took them off randomly in the middle of the night since they usually cut my fingers off.

But who knows!


I have more to share, including all about my blog makeover, but I'm falling asleep and Michael has already woken me up once. 

So it's bed time!

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