Monday, September 9, 2013

Fake Soda

So I've done pretty good with this whole no soda thing.

But I think I can do better.

I haven't had a full Dr. Pepper or Coke since Jan.


I've had several 7ups. I drink these in times of severe heartburn, when nothing else is doing the trick. I also drank them when I had to have my colonoscopy and had to be on a clear liquid diet. Most of the time, I don't finish the drink but I'm still drinking some of it.

And then there are what I've been considering fake sodas.

Orange Sunkist and Rootbeer

I've been really bad about drinking these. I know they are sodas, but it doesn't stop me. Especially when I am at church. Especially when I am in the nursery and I have heartburn.

It has to stop.

That's my goal for this week. Water and milk only.

--Jessica G.

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