Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween is not my favorite holiday. In fact, it ranks down on my list near April Fools Day. It's not Annie's favorite holiday either--the whole ordeal stresses her out. Not only are people in the street, they are coming up to her house and knocking on her door/ringing her doorbell. Plus, she's racist and doesn't like kids. She's picky.

If I weren't a teacher, I'd probably let Michael keep the porch lights off so we could be the lame house in the corner of the incredibly busy street that doesn't give out candy. I would love to be able to hoard the candy all to myself. After all, doesn't it make more sense to buy less good candy than more crappy cheap candy??

But being a teacher does have its perks. I got to see several of my students---my favorite was one of my little girls screaming "Mrs. Gardner's in there!" And one of my little boys was so incredibly excited to see me, and he got to see Mr. Gardner who is infamous in my classroom. It's fun to see all the kids that I know all dressed up.

It's not fun however, to give candy to teenagers without costumes, to ungrateful kids who get mad because they only get one piece if candy, and old toothless women who request a sucker for "the baby" who is dead asleep in the stroller and is only a few months old.

In another Halloween news, my niece was a beautiful, hilarious, people watching peacock. And we got to enjoy a birthday dinner for my Dad. Happy birthday to the best daddy a girl could ask for!

Also, I am hoping to write do a daily series during November. We will see. I am also participating in nanowrimo.

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