Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brought to you by the letter Ff.

Yeaterday was brought to you by the letter Ff. You just didn't know it... Because I fell asleep before I could finish this post. Now you'll be in the know.

Ff is for Free Flu Shot which I had today. I'm thankful of course, because the last time I had the flu I was convinced I was dying and I had to take a cab to the ER for my 104 temperature just to have a nurse shove a cotton swab up my nose in the waiting room. I actually never saw doctor and I am pretty sure I am still paying that visit off. I feel lucky that my place of employment offers flu shots FREE to insurance holders AND they came to our school so we didn't have to make time to go somewhere. How awesome is that?

One down side of this flu shot is that I think my arm may fall off. It still hurts , and the shot was like 24 hours ago. And when the pharmacist shot me, pain radiated through my arm and made it feel like an alien arm instead of my own. But I suppose it'll all be worth it when I'm not running a high fever and wishing for death to willingly greet me.


F is for Fajita that are oh so tasty and delicious. Michael grilled fajita chicken for dinner tonight. It was delicious... Watch out... Tomorrows nacho bar is going to rock.


F is for Frustrated which is how I feel a lot of the time. I feel like I am drowning, barely above water, exhausting all of my tricks to get through the day. By the time I get home from work I am dead. Like fall asleep while I am doing things dead. Hopefully, this will get better.


F is for Finally getting our lives in order. Exciting (I hope) things are happening in this household. I truly believe that Michael and I are finally in the place that we are supposed to be. It's funny how we make so many choices and the God is all like, you so funny... You thought you were in charge--I'll show you. And then things magically fall into place.


F is for Family and I am surrounded. I love it. I used to think it would be the worst thing in the world to live near my family. But it is amazing. I get dates with my dad every week, I get to work with my sister everyday, I get to be amazed by my adorable niece, and we are so much closer to Michael's family. I never thought I'd be such a family person, but it's pretty much the best thing. I am glad I get to witness my family up close. I couldn't imagine being so far away.


So there you have it. All about the letter Ff!

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