Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spills 102

I dropped Miracle Whip on the carpet tonight. Not like the side of a sandwich that had Miracle Whip on it, but Miracle whip.

Basically I've learned 3 lessons:

1. Being lazy and having your husband (without asking) bring you all the fixins to make a sandwich qualifies you as a sloth. But that's okay. Bring It

To be fair, I mentioned to Michael that I'd use last night's leftovers to make a sandwich, but I didn't expect him to bring me everything I could need. He didn't want to interrupt my behavior card cue printing and my Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. watching. Bless him.

2. Carrying things by the rim is not safe. Mainly because I suck at properly putting the lid on things. See all bottles of barely closed laundry detergent located inside of my laundry room cabinets.

3. No matter how opportunistic Annie is, she does not usually appear at the right times. She is usually several minutes behind. Her sensor must be broken. Otherwise, Michael and I wouldn't have been able to deliberate about the best plan to clean up the fallen mayo (spoon to scoop it up onto paper plate, water poured on to spot, cleaned with paper towel, then steamed cleaned is the way we settled on). She showed once the steam cleaner came out.

Truth be told, this probably won't be the last time a lazy sandwich is made. But next time I probably won't ask for the Miracle Whip.

For the time being, my carpet's new scent is dog and miracle whip. Doesn't that sound like good combo for your next scentsy purchase?

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