Monday, October 14, 2013

The Affordable Care Act

Michael doesn't have health insurance, something he lost because we couldn't afford the Cobra from NI.

And we can't afford to put him on the school insurance, because I actually like the idea of being paid in more than health care premiums.

Enter Obamacare  The Affordable Care Act.

I've started checking out, because like it or not, this is our best option to get him coverage. We've been very lucky that nothing severe has happened, and that Michael is a trooper. But realistically, he needs coverage. So I bit the bullet and learned several new things about

Here are some things I've noticed about

1. You can not just compare plans. I expected to be able to compare plans sort of like I do on the BCBS website. You have to complete an application first.

2. You have to apply to be able to see coverage.  And applying requires everything, short of a blood sample like they take in the Hunger Games to verify your identity.

3. You do not get an immediate response back. This irritates me. I want to see it NOW (possibly because I live in the technology age and have an increasingly little response time tolerance...). I don't want to see it when you finish verifying my identity and processing my application. I feel like this should be an automated process. I don't want to wait days. I'm impatient.

4. The site runs incredibly slow. I know that this has been a big issue since they launched the site, and since the folks who upkeep the site have probably been furloughed, it's going to continue to run slow. While the site asks questions in an easy to understand format, anybody on dial-up or a horrible connection will not be able to use the site with ease.

5. They know who you are. I never gave them my social security number during the identification process. But they still knew who I was, where my I used to work in Lubbock, where I went to high school, and who my mortgage is through. Just from my address and birthdate. Thanks NSA. I love that apparently I am pretty easy to figure out. In all honestly, I was glad that I didn't have to give them my social to verify, but it was creepy. VERY CREEPY.

All in all, it took me about 45 minutes to complete the long version of the application aka the one that takes income into consideration. It would've been much faster if the lag on the site wouldn't have been so bad.

Have you or anyone else you know tried to use the site?

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