Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13: Thankful for Project We See You and Operation Christmas Child

I am two days behind, but I promise that days 11 and 12 are coming. I'm just tired.

Day 13: Thankful for charities.

Right now, as I open my facebook home page, I have the option to donate to The Red Cross for relief efforts in the Philipines. Awesome.

I fully believe in giving to others and helping others. I always try to provide for other people, although sometimes I can barely provide for myself.

Here are two charities (keeping with the holiday spirit) that I am thankful for:

1. Project We See You. This is a project that began last year by another blogger, Allison Zapata. The goal is to assemble bags full of goodies (aka soap, toothbrush, blankets, lotion) to be able to distribute to the homeless. Although the project was originally started in Houston, Texas, Allison's goal is to be able to expand it. She has teams in several different cities.

This is by far one of my favorite things that I have seen as far as charities go. I've seen on pinterest how we should assemble these types of bags and keep them in our car for homeless people. I love that the bags give the essentials. Everyone needs personal hygiene products and food. And it really supports my idea of giving to the homeless. I don't think we should necessarily give money--I believe in giving basic necessities so that they are more likely to use it than try to sell it or spend it on a negative habit.

Living in Austin used to kill me--there were literally homeless people at every intersection. I didn't always have something to give, but at times I did. The most memorable was when I was sitting in the intersection and a gaunt looking man was walking up and down the sidewalk. I didn't have cash, but I did have part of my lunch left over. I reached in and pulled out my huge honey crisp apple and gave it to the man. You would've thought that it was Christmas the way his eyes lighted up.

It's so simple too. Giving basic necessities is probably the most helpful thing we can do. And most of the time it is appreciated.

2. Operation Christmas Child Samaritans Purse This is a project that allows people to pack goodies (again toothbrush, soap, etc) into a shoe box, and it is delivered to children in over 130 different countries. These help children receive toys and hygiene items that they may not have access too.

I read about this this past summer on a random blog, and then found out that my church does this. SCORE. We actually packed boxes tonight with our Awanas groups. We got to do it with our 3-4 year olds. At first it was a little hard, because they didn't realize the stuff wasn't for them, but they got it once we explained it.

My heart is so full.

I hope that you take time to give to charities. I know that we often get busy, and we can't see past our own lives, but there are other people out there that need help. And helping is so rewarding.

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