Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4: Thankful for my niece

I'm not going to lie... I adore babies. When my sister told us that she was expecting in December 2011, I was shocked and I cried and I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait.

And then, the little stinkybutt was born. From the moment she was born, I could see how she would change our family for the better.

Little miss L is always happy (except when she's tired... WATCH OUT) and she is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. She's fun and smart and loves to play.

She has helped my dad stay young--after all, he chases after her almost every single day because he goes and steals her from daycare. I look forward to seeing her every chance that I get, and so does her Uncle Michael.

its amazing the difference one little bitty life can make.

I love you Miss L!


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